Saturday, June 13, 2015

MSSM Chess Championship 2015 Pulau Pinang Edition

I had taken part in the 2015 MSSM chess championship representing WP Kuala Lumpur in the Under 15 Boys (L15) event. This is my third participation in the championship. In the previous two editions ie 2013 (Taping, Perak) and 2014 (Kuching, Sarawak), I was representing Selangor.

Final Ranking Top 10 for L15 Individual category
Full results here

Not so happy with my 10th placing, but Thank To the Almighty Allah for not getting empty-handed. Below are some of my photos in the championship.

Me and my sister

Me and Emir

Me waiting for the game to begin

Room 105
Botanic Hill Lodge