Monday, November 3, 2014

Me at UPSI Chess Open

3 Nov 2014, Shah Alam

Last weekend, me and my elder brother and sister took part in the UPSI Chess Open tournament. Even my dad was playing as well. The tournament was held in Tanjong Malim, about one hour drive from my home. I played in the Under 12 or Primary school category. About 40 participants turned up. 

I had to play seven rounds. The time control is 45 minutes per player. How was my performance? 

Below are the results of my seven-round games and few photos of me in the tournament.

Me receiving the First Runner Up medal and prize

Round 5, played against Amir Muqqri

My opponents

The full results for the Primary school category of the UPSI Chess Open can be viewed at here.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Taking Photo With Mermaid

Two days ago, after completing the sixth round of standard game in the 15th ASEAN+ Age Group (AAG) chess tournament held in Macau, I had a chance to see a mermaid in a very big "virtual" aquarium in the City of Dreams. Is she real, I asked myself? After several minutes the mermaid disappeared. Wow! What a beautiful mermaid. 

Watch the pictures below.

photo 1

photo 2
What a wonderful experience for me.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Round 3 Pairing for AAG2014 Macao - Open 12 Category

Alhamdulillah, I won my second round game this morning. I have played against opponents from Philippines and Singapore. 

Me .. in Round 2

My third round opponent is from Vietnam. 

I will play the third round in two hours time. 

Round 3 pairing for Open 12 category

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Round 2 Pairing for AAG2014 Macao - Open 12 Category

Not a good start for my AAG 2014 chess tournament since I lost to a Filipino opponent. Even though he is unrated, it doesn't mean that he can be defeated easily. Our match was the last one to finish in the Open 12 category. 

I need a very good rest tonight since tomorrow there are two rounds to play. One at 9.00am and the other is in the afternoon. I will play against a Singaporean opponent in the second round tomorrow morning. I hope I can win this time.

Round 2 pairing

Round 1 Pairing for AAG2014 Macao - Open 12 Category

Round 1 pairing for the 15th Asean+ Age Group chess competition is already up in the Seeded 12th, I am paired with a Filipino opponent. The match will start at 2 pm in about two and a half hour. Wish me Best of Luck! 

Round 1 - Open 12 category

Friday, January 3, 2014

Celebrated New Year's Eve By Playing In Blitz Tournament


Enjoyed your 2014 New Year celebration? How did you celebrate? Me? I celebrated by taking part in a chess blitz tournament. Along with my daddy and elder brother, I were among 64 participants in the tournament.

Did I win?

Alhamdulillah, with 6 wins I won the Best U12 category. 

What prize did I win?  Find out from below photos.

Receiving my prize ... (Cerdik Catur photo)

my results []

See me? at the far right ... (Cerdik Catur photo)

I will be 12 years old in March this year. It is going to be a challenging year since I will be sitting the UPSR exam in September. Wish me a great year.