Friday, March 23, 2012

My NAG 2012 Update

It is nearly two weeks that I had not updated my blog. What happened to my NAG story? I just wrote on the first day of tournament. What about my second and third day of tournament? OK, let's update on that.

On second day, I played another three rounds.

In the fourth round, my opponent was my school mate named Muhammad Faqih Aminuddin as I mentioned in the last entry.He is one year junior but has more experience than me. Alhamdulillah, I managed to win the match.

Round 4 - I played white against Faqih, my school mate
After the win against Faqih, my score was 3.5/4 points. Entering the fifth round, only two players in my category had full 4 points. And only two players including me had 3.5/4 points. So, in the fifth round I met the other 3.5 pointer. My opponent was Che Zhi Xuan. He is from KL. So, did I win? Thank the mighty Allah, I won again.

Round 5 - My opponent was Chew Zhi Xuan
So now, only one player left having the full 5/5 points. His name is Wong Yinn Long. I was trailing half point behind him. He is the top seed and the champion of Under 8 Boys in 2010 edition when I first took part in NAG. From second board I moved to the top board. I could not win the match unfortunately.

Round 6 - Me played black again against Yinn Long at the top board

So, the second day had completed. I went back home and get ready for the final day.

Came the third day, my opponent in the seventh round was a player from Penang. His name is Teh De Yong. I drew with him.

Round 7 - I played white
Before the final round began, two players had 6 points, three had 5.5 and another three had 5 points including me. So, the final round is so important for me. I must win for me to be among the top 4 winners and get the chance to officially represent the country in international age group chess tournaments.

Who was my opponent? I was paired with Ang Jing Xuan who also had 5 points. My big thank to Allah because I won my final round match. With that win, I got the 4th placed. I was the only 6 point scorer from 5 wins and 2 draws.

Final round - versus the third Penang player
Who are the top 10 winners in my category? Check out below.

The Top 10 winners in my category

And below is the detail of my opponents and game results.

My opponents and game results

I was so happy. My parents too. Below are the pictures of me on the podium.

me receiving the medal & certificate

with Faqih who won the 6th place

The winners for Under 10 Boys age group category
Insya Allah, I will play in next year NAG edition.

Monday, March 12, 2012

NAG 2012 - The First Day

The first day of 2012 NAG had completed. My results are not bad. I had won two games and drew one. So, my point after three rounds is 2.5/3. I won my first round game. I played white against Kabilan Thanabalan.

Round 1 

Round 2

I played black pieces in the second round. My opponent was Rishi Singh Randhawa. I drew with him.

Round 3
I won my third round playing white against Richard Tiong King Sing. He is from Sarawak. 

R4 pairings (Top 10 boards)
OMG. I will play my school mate in the fourth round. His name is Faqih, a similar name like me. Actually, beside Faqih there are two other my school mates are playing in the same age group.

Wish me a Good Luck okay!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

NAG 2012 To Participate In

Mmmm no gaming and online tomorrow. Also the day after tomorrow. And on Tuesday too. Why?

I have a chess tournament to participate. NAG is the name of the tournament. It is an age group chess competition meaning I will play against my age group opponents only. I will play eight rounds of games, three each on the first and second day. And the final two rounds on the third and last day.

In what age group I will take part? The answer is Under 10 Boys.

I will play eight of the following 46 players in the category including three of my SKBJ school mates - Raja Bazil, Ilham Qayyum and Muhd Faqih who is ranked third.

Based on ranking, I am the 11th seed. Meaning I will be sitting on board 11 in the first round tomorrow against my opponent.

part 1

part 2
WISH me luck, okay!