Monday, March 12, 2012

NAG 2012 - The First Day

The first day of 2012 NAG had completed. My results are not bad. I had won two games and drew one. So, my point after three rounds is 2.5/3. I won my first round game. I played white against Kabilan Thanabalan.

Round 1 

Round 2

I played black pieces in the second round. My opponent was Rishi Singh Randhawa. I drew with him.

Round 3
I won my third round playing white against Richard Tiong King Sing. He is from Sarawak. 

R4 pairings (Top 10 boards)
OMG. I will play my school mate in the fourth round. His name is Faqih, a similar name like me. Actually, beside Faqih there are two other my school mates are playing in the same age group.

Wish me a Good Luck okay!

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