Monday, February 18, 2013

L12 Category - Round 2

Excellent results in the first round for me and my L12 team mates. All of us won our respective games. Not only PPD Petaling Perdana won all in the first round, but three other PPDs also did the same. Who are they? Check out below Round 2 pairings. In the second round held in the afternoon, Faqih had to play against his own teammate, Raja Bazil at the top board.  My other teammate, Zulfikri had to face a PPD Klang player named Emir Rusyaidi. As for me, my opponent was Diness Kumar of Hulu Langat. So, how's the results? Both Faqih and Raja Bazil shared the one point. Meanwhile, Zulfikri blundered his chance to win against higher-seeded Emir Rusyaidi. Alhamdulillah, I won against my opponent. 

Round 2 - L12
The third round will be played very early on the second day at 8 o'clock.

My 2013 MSSS Chess Championship Just Begun

Hello everyone ...

Do you know where I will be this week? Starting today, I will compete in the MSSS chess championship. I represent PPD Petaling Perdana in the Under 12 Boys (L12) category with my two other schoolmates - Raja Bazil and Faqih. 

In the first day of the championship today I will play two rounds. Like in the pairing of Round 1 below, I was matched up against a player from PPD Kuala Langat, Muhd Syafiq Sutrisno. I was playing white at the third board or table. My team mate, Faqih, is the top seed in L12 category and was also playing white at the top board. His opponent was Nik Amirul Haziq from my sister's team which is PPD Kuala Selangor.

Wish me luck, okay! My next round will be in half hour.

L12 ... Round 1