Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cruising The Putrajaya Lake

Below photos were taken on 13th November 2012. Let me tell the story about the photos. Were we celebrating something? Actually, it was my elder brother's 16th birthday. Me and my family went to Putrajaya not only to celebrate the birthday but also the wedding anniversary of my parents. We took a cruise in the Putrajaya lake. Before stepping into the cruise boat at 6 o'clock, I was enjoying a tri-cycle ride.

It was fun cruising the Putrajaya Lake. I saw lots of buildings from the lake. Have you ever had the boat cruise in the Putrajaya Lake? If not yet, have one.

i like the tri-cycle ride y'all

standing in front of the cruise boat 

me and my sis

me and my elder bro

me and my family after the cruise boat ride

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taking Part In Chess Tournament In The Fasting Month

It has been two months that I have not updated my blog. During the period I took part in three chess tournaments. Let me update the first one. 

I participated in the Piala MB Selangor chess tournament during the fasting month about a month ago. My dad and my elder brother also took part. My elder sister did not take part by the way. I was playing in the Under 12 category. Both my dad and brother were playing in the Open and Under 17 section respectively.

Playing chess in the month of Ramadhan is not new to me. Last year, I took part in the Swensea's Age Group during the Malaysian chess festival which was held in the month of Ramadhan. Only me and my sister took part while Fikri, my elder brother, did not take part due to his PMR examination.

More than fifty participants participated in the chess tournament which is also known as Battle Chess Selangorku including several my school mates. We were playing seven rounds. 

Don't be surprise that all the players wore yellow t-shirts including me. In the first photo above, I was wearing red t-shirt, right? Actually, the tournament organizer was giving free yellow t-shirts to all participants. It was part of  "Hari Belia" celebration day in Selangor.

How was my results? Not that good, not that bad either. I was defeated in the first round. Then I made three round winning streak before I drew in the fifth round with Loh Zu Hao. I was defeated again in the sixth round by one of my chess buddies named Amir Ghaazi who was the fourth seed. In the final round, I managed to win against Farhana Halim who also took part in the Asean Age Group in Vietnam last June like me.

So, with four wins and one draw I scored 4.5/7 points. Luckily, the prizes were given to the top 15. I was placed 14th. :)-

My opponents by round

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Play for SKBJ in The KaSUGI Team Chess Championship

Saturday, 14th July 2012

Today, I was taking part in the KaSUGI Team chess championship held at Cititel Express Hotel located on Tengku Abdul Rahman Street in downtown KL. I play for my school team, SKBJ.  My team mates are as the following. Four rounds of total eight rounds had been played. My team won two and lost two. My team has accumulated nine game points.

The wins are in the first and third round respectively while the defeats are in the second and fourth round. Both my elder bro and sis are also playing. All of us participate in the Junior category. My team faced my brother's team known as Undefined FC in the second round. Fortunately, I did not play againts my elder bro.

Round 2, against my bro's team

Round 3, my team won 4 - 0 over Seri Serdang A

Round 4 versus Penang Juniors B

Tomorrow, my team has to play four more rounds. Hopefully, my team will win as many as possible so that my team can be on the podium. Wish me my team luck, OK!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Have You Watched "The Avengers"?

Have you watched The Avengers? I did. My dad brought me to watch the movie at a cinema near my house. The cinema is at the Bukit Jelutong Space U8 eco mall. When was that? It was on 5th May. My dad told me it is Cinco de Mayo in Spanish. Actually, the date is the birthday of my sister. But she did not come home during the weekend.

Having lunch first before the movie

I watched the 3D version

Thanks dad for the movie treat.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Missed A Winning Chance

25th April 2012, Kuala Selangor.

Today is the first day of MSS Selangor chess championship held at Kuala Selangor Indoor Stadium. I represented PPD Petaling Perdana in Boys Under 12 (L12) category.

In Round 3, I missed a winning chance when playing against my opponent who represented PPD Klang.

black to move after 40. Qf7
I was so confident that I could win the game. Unfortunately, I was checkmated after .. Rc1+ 41.Kh2 Qh1+ 42.Kg3 Rg1+ 43.Kf4 Qxh3??

I did not see the checkmate and giving my opponent the tempo. Can you see the checkmate? OMG, I blew a winning opportunity! I cried after the game.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Me Took Part In The Percawi Labour Day Team Event

Yesterday, with seven other my school mates I took part in the Percawi Labour Day Team event held at DATCC. I played the fourth board for SKBJ B. I was so happy that my team won the fifth place after scoring 8 Match Points (MP) and 18 points from four wins.

Round 6 - my team, SKBJ B, vs Maktab Tentera Diraja

SKBJ B Team - Afiq, Faqihah, me and Faqih

SKBJ B - 5th place

My team is fifth out of 30 teams. SKBJ HEBAT!

Monday, April 16, 2012

4th IIUM Invitational Open (Under 12)

About two weeks ago, I took part in the 4th IIUM Invitational Chess Open in the Under 12 category. My elder brother and sister took part too in their respective category, Under 21. My dad wanted to participate too but he could not because he had a PIBG meeting to attend to.

Me and my mom before the tournament
The tournament was held in two days. I played four games of 45 minute per player in the first day and the other four in the second day.

my 4th round opponent
In the first day, I won three and lost one. My defeat was in the third round against Kong Dak Nam of Kuala Lumpur.

me against a player from Kelantan in the 6th round

In Round 6, played against Eja

In the last two rounds, I played against the two Puteri sisters - Munajjah and Rifqah. Both of them are Selangor MSSM chess players. I would like to follow their suit to represent my beloved state, Selangor, in the MSSM chess competition.

my list of opponents and score

With 5.5/8 points from five (5) wins and one (1) draw, I got fifth place in the final ranking as shown in below picture. Alhamdulillah, thank the Mighty Allah for me to be on the podium.

Friday, March 23, 2012

My NAG 2012 Update

It is nearly two weeks that I had not updated my blog. What happened to my NAG story? I just wrote on the first day of tournament. What about my second and third day of tournament? OK, let's update on that.

On second day, I played another three rounds.

In the fourth round, my opponent was my school mate named Muhammad Faqih Aminuddin as I mentioned in the last entry.He is one year junior but has more experience than me. Alhamdulillah, I managed to win the match.

Round 4 - I played white against Faqih, my school mate
After the win against Faqih, my score was 3.5/4 points. Entering the fifth round, only two players in my category had full 4 points. And only two players including me had 3.5/4 points. So, in the fifth round I met the other 3.5 pointer. My opponent was Che Zhi Xuan. He is from KL. So, did I win? Thank the mighty Allah, I won again.

Round 5 - My opponent was Chew Zhi Xuan
So now, only one player left having the full 5/5 points. His name is Wong Yinn Long. I was trailing half point behind him. He is the top seed and the champion of Under 8 Boys in 2010 edition when I first took part in NAG. From second board I moved to the top board. I could not win the match unfortunately.

Round 6 - Me played black again against Yinn Long at the top board

So, the second day had completed. I went back home and get ready for the final day.

Came the third day, my opponent in the seventh round was a player from Penang. His name is Teh De Yong. I drew with him.

Round 7 - I played white
Before the final round began, two players had 6 points, three had 5.5 and another three had 5 points including me. So, the final round is so important for me. I must win for me to be among the top 4 winners and get the chance to officially represent the country in international age group chess tournaments.

Who was my opponent? I was paired with Ang Jing Xuan who also had 5 points. My big thank to Allah because I won my final round match. With that win, I got the 4th placed. I was the only 6 point scorer from 5 wins and 2 draws.

Final round - versus the third Penang player
Who are the top 10 winners in my category? Check out below.

The Top 10 winners in my category

And below is the detail of my opponents and game results.

My opponents and game results

I was so happy. My parents too. Below are the pictures of me on the podium.

me receiving the medal & certificate

with Faqih who won the 6th place

The winners for Under 10 Boys age group category
Insya Allah, I will play in next year NAG edition.

Monday, March 12, 2012

NAG 2012 - The First Day

The first day of 2012 NAG had completed. My results are not bad. I had won two games and drew one. So, my point after three rounds is 2.5/3. I won my first round game. I played white against Kabilan Thanabalan.

Round 1 

Round 2

I played black pieces in the second round. My opponent was Rishi Singh Randhawa. I drew with him.

Round 3
I won my third round playing white against Richard Tiong King Sing. He is from Sarawak. 

R4 pairings (Top 10 boards)
OMG. I will play my school mate in the fourth round. His name is Faqih, a similar name like me. Actually, beside Faqih there are two other my school mates are playing in the same age group.

Wish me a Good Luck okay!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

NAG 2012 To Participate In

Mmmm no gaming and online tomorrow. Also the day after tomorrow. And on Tuesday too. Why?

I have a chess tournament to participate. NAG is the name of the tournament. It is an age group chess competition meaning I will play against my age group opponents only. I will play eight rounds of games, three each on the first and second day. And the final two rounds on the third and last day.

In what age group I will take part? The answer is Under 10 Boys.

I will play eight of the following 46 players in the category including three of my SKBJ school mates - Raja Bazil, Ilham Qayyum and Muhd Faqih who is ranked third.

Based on ranking, I am the 11th seed. Meaning I will be sitting on board 11 in the first round tomorrow against my opponent.

part 1

part 2
WISH me luck, okay!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Chess Tournament in Kuala Kangsar

On last Sunday, my family and I went to Kuala Kangsar. We left home 15 minutes to 7 o'clock in the early morning. It was a two and a half hour car drive. We arrived at SMK Clifford, the venue of the 1st KLK Leg chess tournament, minutes before 9.30am. 

The tournament started one hour late than schedule. The Under 12 category in which I participated was playing in a class room. It was very unfortunate because the venue is not air-conditioned. The normal fan is not enough for the hot weather. I got headache after the third round. More than 80 participants took part mostly from the surrounding area. I had to play seven rounds of 20-minute-per-player game.

I scored 5 points from 5 wins. I won consecutively the first three rounds. But I lost the next two rounds. One of them is to my chess buddy, Farizzuddin. The other defeat is to 2011 Perak P12 state player, Nur Aishah  Abu Bakar Martin. I came back to win the last two rounds - the sixth and the seventh.

I was placed ninth overall and sixth among the boys in the final ranking. I missed by one spot to be among the winners as the prizes are only for the top 5 in the boys category. For sure, I am sad because I didn't win. Luckily, both my elder brother and sister won in their respective categories. Fikri is fifth in the Open category and won one hundred Malaysian Ringgits while Anis is the first runner up in Under 16 section and also won the same amount of money prize.

After the tournament, we visited a very beautiful mosque named Masjid Ubudiah. We had dinner at a cafe known as Laksa Pak Ngah. 

in the third round I think

fourth round against Nur Aishah in yellow shirt

fifth round against my chess buddy, Farrizzuddin

last round against Tan Yik Chean. I wore white shirt.

Below are the final ranking, downloaded from Gilachess website by my dad.

Below are three photos of me enjoying the moment in Kuala Kangsar taken by my dad.

In front of amazing Masjid Ubudiah

"Peace Y'all" in Laksa Pak Ngah cafe

a beautiful cat, isn't it?
I was so tired so that I slept in the car during the journey back home to Shah Alam. My father could not drive fast because it was raining. We reached home at around 1.00am. Aaaaaah, I wish I do not go to school on Monday.