Saturday, March 10, 2012

NAG 2012 To Participate In

Mmmm no gaming and online tomorrow. Also the day after tomorrow. And on Tuesday too. Why?

I have a chess tournament to participate. NAG is the name of the tournament. It is an age group chess competition meaning I will play against my age group opponents only. I will play eight rounds of games, three each on the first and second day. And the final two rounds on the third and last day.

In what age group I will take part? The answer is Under 10 Boys.

I will play eight of the following 46 players in the category including three of my SKBJ school mates - Raja Bazil, Ilham Qayyum and Muhd Faqih who is ranked third.

Based on ranking, I am the 11th seed. Meaning I will be sitting on board 11 in the first round tomorrow against my opponent.

part 1

part 2
WISH me luck, okay!

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