Thursday, September 13, 2012

Taking Part In Chess Tournament In The Fasting Month

It has been two months that I have not updated my blog. During the period I took part in three chess tournaments. Let me update the first one. 

I participated in the Piala MB Selangor chess tournament during the fasting month about a month ago. My dad and my elder brother also took part. My elder sister did not take part by the way. I was playing in the Under 12 category. Both my dad and brother were playing in the Open and Under 17 section respectively.

Playing chess in the month of Ramadhan is not new to me. Last year, I took part in the Swensea's Age Group during the Malaysian chess festival which was held in the month of Ramadhan. Only me and my sister took part while Fikri, my elder brother, did not take part due to his PMR examination.

More than fifty participants participated in the chess tournament which is also known as Battle Chess Selangorku including several my school mates. We were playing seven rounds. 

Don't be surprise that all the players wore yellow t-shirts including me. In the first photo above, I was wearing red t-shirt, right? Actually, the tournament organizer was giving free yellow t-shirts to all participants. It was part of  "Hari Belia" celebration day in Selangor.

How was my results? Not that good, not that bad either. I was defeated in the first round. Then I made three round winning streak before I drew in the fifth round with Loh Zu Hao. I was defeated again in the sixth round by one of my chess buddies named Amir Ghaazi who was the fourth seed. In the final round, I managed to win against Farhana Halim who also took part in the Asean Age Group in Vietnam last June like me.

So, with four wins and one draw I scored 4.5/7 points. Luckily, the prizes were given to the top 15. I was placed 14th. :)-

My opponents by round

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