Monday, April 16, 2012

4th IIUM Invitational Open (Under 12)

About two weeks ago, I took part in the 4th IIUM Invitational Chess Open in the Under 12 category. My elder brother and sister took part too in their respective category, Under 21. My dad wanted to participate too but he could not because he had a PIBG meeting to attend to.

Me and my mom before the tournament
The tournament was held in two days. I played four games of 45 minute per player in the first day and the other four in the second day.

my 4th round opponent
In the first day, I won three and lost one. My defeat was in the third round against Kong Dak Nam of Kuala Lumpur.

me against a player from Kelantan in the 6th round

In Round 6, played against Eja

In the last two rounds, I played against the two Puteri sisters - Munajjah and Rifqah. Both of them are Selangor MSSM chess players. I would like to follow their suit to represent my beloved state, Selangor, in the MSSM chess competition.

my list of opponents and score

With 5.5/8 points from five (5) wins and one (1) draw, I got fifth place in the final ranking as shown in below picture. Alhamdulillah, thank the Mighty Allah for me to be on the podium.

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