Sunday, December 4, 2011

The 1st Kompleks 3C MPSJ Chess Tournament

Today I took part in the 1st Kompleks MPSJ Chess tournament. The last tournament I played was Ole Ole Shah Alam about three weeks ago.

photo 1 - played white in Round 1

My dad and sis played too. My bro, Fikri, did not because the tournament is for 1600 national ratings and below only. My bro's national ratings is 1600 plus.

The tournament hall was packed because 155 participants took part. It was a big turn out. A record said Mr Stonemaster.

photo 2
We had to play eight (8) rounds. The time control was 20 minute per player. It had one category only meaning I had to play against adult opponents. But there were best categories.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5 - yeah yeah I won I won ... :)-
I won five (5) and lost three (3). So, my score was 5/8. I won the first runner up in Best Primary School section. My sis did not perform so well in this tournament. She scored 4/8 points only. She did not win any prizes.

My dad? He also did win any prize. But I am very proud of my dad because he won 4, drew one (1) and lost three (3). He scored 4.5/8 points. He almost defeated the top seed of the tournament. In fact, he had a winning advantage, a Queen + two rooks versus a Queen + a rook and a knight. But that is my dad. Could not play well in time pressure.

the prize I won

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