Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NJCC - Day 1

Monday, 19/12/2011

Today I went to DATCC located at the fourth floor of Wilayah Shopping Complex with all my family members. I take part in the National Junior Chess Championship or its famous abbreviation NJCC. With my elder brother, Fikri, I play in the Boys category. About fifty Malaysian chess junior players take part in the championship.

The First Round

I was paired against my schoolmate, Afiq Mohd Jamil whose Elo ratings is 1756, at table 10. I played white. I lost the game after 54 moves.

Round 1 

The Second Round

In the afternoon at 3 o'clock, I faced Amierullah Iqram Ismail at table 23 in the second round. I won this game with black pieces.

Round 2

So, I won one and lost one in the first day of the tournament. My brother won one and drew another while my sister won her first round but lose the second one.

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