Monday, October 17, 2011

5th UPSI Chess Open

On 15th and 16th October, I took part in the 5th UPSI Chess Open. I participated in the Sekolah Rendah category. Ofcourse, only players in the primary school were playing in this category. Not many, only 20 participants.

The tournament was played in two days - three games each on Saturday and Sunday. Since not many players, only 6 rounds. Supposed to be 7 rounds. I was very happy because I won all the three games in the first day. My opponents include Tan Wei Ting and Farhana Halim. I lost a game to both of them this year. So, I took revenge.

played against Farhana Halim in the 3rd round

But my winning streak did not continue in the second day. I managed to win only one game, the final round. I lost both the fourth and fifth round to Muhammad Farrizzuddin Md Sallehudin and Kong Dak Nam. I was frustrated because could not become champion and did not win the one hundred ringgit money prize. My dad was angry at me.

4th place 

At last, I got fourth place after scoring 4 points from 4 wins. Not bad result actually. Just my dad expect better result. I will try to play better next time.

Nice posing huh ...

I asked my dad to take the above picture. I received medal, certificate and cash prize money of sixty ringgit.

Fahim Al-Faqeh

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