Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Having Fun At KRTC

Me and my family stayed overnight at a chalet resort known as KRTC or Kalumpang Resort and Training Center while took part in the 5th UPSI Chess Open. My dad booked a cabin that has four double deckers. The cabin is near a cold flowing river. It was cold because me, my abang and my kakak went into the river very early in the morning before the chess tournament started at 8.00 am.

"hi dad!"

I enjoyed playing in the river with abang and kakak ...

We had a very short time playing in the water. It was less than an hour. We had to be at the tournament venue before 8.30am. But it was fun playing in the water with abang and kakak. Abang just completed his PMR exam.

with my beloved mom and dad
We are going to have a family outing at the chalet resort soon ...

Fahim Al-Faqeh

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