Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ampangan Chess Open

Me and my big brother took part in Ampangan Chess Open yesterday. I played in Under 12 category. Not many participants. Twenty three only. 

We played five rounds only. Most of the participants were new to me. Just three of them I am familiar with. Below were my opponents. My dad took the pictures.

R1 - against Nazeerin Asyrani

R2 - against Muhammad Naim

R3 - against Muhammad Weeldan

R4 - against Muhammad Afiq

pairing of R5

I was determined to win the final round. Only Nithya and Maisarah had the perfect 4/4 score. I wanted to be on the podium and win the prize money. I missed the chance to win the top prize money because I had lost a game.

R5 - against Muhammad Fazli 
Yess yesss yesss .. I won my final round.  ALHAMDULILLAH!

After winning four (4) and lost one (1), I was declared the second runner up. I received the prize money of 50 Malaysian ringgits and a certificate. As expected, Nithyalakshmi became the champion. The first runner up went to Zainoor Ikmal Maisarah who also had the same 4/5 points like me but had better tie break.  

received the prize money + certificate

I was very happy for being one of the winners. And also happy because I made new friends. 

Fahim Al-Faqeh

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