Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 SKBJ Chess Selection

I am so tired today. Because it was a hectic weekend for me. On Saturday, my school had a chess selection. On Sunday, I took part in a rapid chess tournament where I had to play eight rounds of 20 minute per player.  I had to play against opponents much older than me. Oh no, less time for my computer games and no cycling activity on Sunday. hu hu hu ...

In the SKBJ chess selection, there were 28 players in the boys category. There were four of us who are in Year 4.

Why I was standing in front of class with seven others? No, no it was not a punishment as you might think. he he he ... Actually, all the eight of us are the Top 8 in the selection tournament where we played five rounds. We will be representing our school in the MSS chess championships this year.

L12 SKBJ team
The members for the Under 12 boys team are Muhammad Faqih, Afiq Jamil, me, Raja Bazil, Muhammad Ilham QayyumMuhammad Shafiq, Ardani Edian and Dzarif.

P12 SKBJ team
The members for the Under 12 girls team - Aminuddin siblings, Nur Faqihah & Nur Faiqah, Nurhannah Syafirin, Raja Bazilah, Nurul Ateqah, Sabrina Sofia, Yasmin and Alyssa Dania.

The final ranking for SKBJ chess selection can be viewed here.

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